Wizard of Oz and Astonishing Pictures

About The Wizard Of Oz:

The Wizard of oz is an exemplary melodic dream film that was made in 1939. The film gets going with Dorothy and her exquisite canine Toto who are getting a charge out of there day on Aunt Em’s farm. The obstinate detestable Ms.Gulch rides her bicycle to the farm and gripes that Toto “messed with her”. Dorothy and Toto take off on the grounds that Aunt Em tells her she can not keep Toto, she should give the canine to Ms.Gulch. The film pushes toward dream land legends once Dorothy and Toto 토토사이트 get found out in a twister. What she experiences is a universe of variety and enchantment. Bright characters like munchkins, which are decent individuals who like to maintain order and welcome new guests to there town. Just issue is the munchkins are continuously living in apprehension about the devilish witch. The Tin man who doesn’t show at least a bit of kindness. The Lion who is inadequate with regards to boldness. The Scarecrow tragically has no cerebrum. The monkeys that assist the Insidious Witch with her plans. The great witch of the north who is consistently there with some assistance when its required most. To wrap things up the Wizard who can give all desires.

The Photos Of The Wizard Of Oz:

The universe of Oz is an extremely gorgeous spot. One of a kind banners, 토토사이트 purses, wallets and postcards have been made, to flaunt the astounding photograph pictures from this exemplary film. You can find astounding printable photographs via looking through Google. There is nothing similar to giving a relative a postcard you produced using pictures you tracked down over the web.